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Púca Soldering Service

Púca Soldering Service

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LED (+6 CAD)

Don't want to solder? Let us take care of that.

Turnaround Time:

Standard Soldering Service: ~2-3 Days

With LED installation: +1 Day

Kit Assembly: +1 Day

Current additional wait time: +1 Days

Standard Soldering Service

With standard soldering service, we solder all the components onto the PCB. This includes:

  • Diodes
  • Rotary Encoder
  • Pro Micro or Elite-C
  • OLED
  • and Hotswap Sockets.

We leave the Púca disassembled so stabilizer modifications can easily be made prior to assembly.

LED Installation

Exactly as described. Select this option if you would like underglow LEDs installed on your Púca.

LEDs are not included with the Púca DIY Kit or Púca Soldering Service and must be purchased separately.

Kit Assembly

Want your Púca ready to go as soon as you receive it? Choose this option and your soldered Púca will be fully assembled. This includes stabilizer lubing. Stabilizers will be lubed with Dielectric Grease on the wires and Krytox 205g0 on the housing/stem. 

The Púca will come barebones [switches and keycaps NOT installed].

2u Screw-in Stabilizers are not included with the Púca DIY Kit and must be purchased separately.



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