Untracked Lettermail Policy

Canada Post Untracked Lettermail

Shipping Rates within Canada can be expensive, especially when the products being ordered are small and light. With Canada Post Untracked Lettermail Shipping, you can save on shipping and receive your products within 2 to 8 business days (ETA).

Important Things to Note

  • Shipped in Kraft Bubble Mailer envelope via Canada Post Untracked Oversized Lettermail
  • No tracking or delivery notifications for lettermail packages
  • No refunds on lost or damaged packages. Please select another shipping method for Package Protection options and improved packaging.
    • Route Package Protection does not work with lettermail packages. Please do not add package protection as it is non-refundable once purchased.
  • Costs $1.99 to anywhere in Canada
  • Shipping ETA 2-10 Business Days* once shipment confirmed.
  • Only available for specific products
  • No limit on product quantity

*Shipping times are an estimate. Delivery times constantly fluctuate and are not guaranteed by Canada Post

Tracking and Shipping Confirmation

With letter mail shipping, tracking and delivery confirmation is not available. 

We will have a photo of the shipment as proof of packaging available upon request. Just email us at Support@omegakeys.ca.

What happens if a package doesn't arrive?

With untracked lettermail, this is the risk you take. Tracking, Delivery Notifications, Insurance, or after shipping support is unavailable with this shipping method. There is no way for us to work with the post office to recover the package.

There are no refunds for lost or damaged packages. Please choose a different shipping method for shipping insurance options and extra protective packaging.

Keep in mind that delays happen and lettermail can arrive up to 10 business days past its expected delivery depending on seasonal shipping volumes. If your package hasn't arrived within the estimated shipping times then sit tight and wait.

Out of 350 orders only 1 package has been lost (12/14/2022)

We will do our best to ensure the products are packaged securely, however, please be aware that letter mail shipping has a strict size requirement that limits packaging protection.

Eligible Products

Products eligible for lettermail shipping are small, flat, and light. Smaller Lubricant containers are supplied in order to meet the size requirements.

Category  Product Variants
Krytox 205g0 3mL Only
Krytox XHT-BDZ 5g Only
Tribosys 3204 3mL Only
Durock V2 Stabilizers (Smokey and Clear) All Variants Eligible
Durock Plate Mount Stabilizers All Variants Eligible
Durock Switch Films
Durock Foam Switch Films
The Brush
THICC Films All Variants Eligible
Púca Acrylic Bases All Variants Eligible
PCBs & Parts
EC11 Rotary Encoder
Encoder Knobs All Variants Eligible
Kailh HotSwap Sockets
Pro Micro
Reset Switch
Púca Extra Parts Hardware, Underglow LED, and Acrylic Guards Eligible