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Púca Extra Parts

Púca Extra Parts

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Key Points

  • 1 Quantity of each part is enough for 1 Púca Kit

Extra parts for the Púca number/macro pad. 

Other Parts for the Púca:

Acrylic Base Plate

2u Stabilizers



EC11 Rotary Encoder

Encoder Knobs

Reset Switch




Plate Material: FR4

Guard Material: Acrylic


Canada/USA: Flat-Rate and Canada Post Express options available

International: Canada Post International Shipping Available


Width: 114 mm
Length: 125 mm
Height: 22mm (w/o knob)
Height: 34mm (w/ knob)
Bumpon Height: 2.16 mm
Angle: Flat
Weight: 226.6 g (Fully Assembled w/ switches and keycaps)

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Shape Shifting

The Puca takes on many forms. Choose between a traditional numpad layout, a full stack macro pad, or everything in-between.

Fully Programmable

Use QMK/ViaL to program the Púca. Create numerous macros and remap your favourite keys.

Don't need volume control? The knob is customizable, too.

Video Build Guide

  • QMK Toolbox

    Download QMK Toolbox. An essential tool for flashing firmware onto microcontrollers.

    Download Here 
  • ViaL

    Download ViaL. The open-source QMK GUI tool for programming keys, swapping layouts, and changing underglow affects.

    Download Here 
  • Puca Build Guide + Firmware

    FFKeebs GitHub. Written Build Guide and updated Firmware files can be found here!

    FFKeebs GitHub