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Hand-Lubed Durock POM Piano

Hand-Lubed Durock POM Piano

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Save time on traditional switch lubing services. These switches are pre-lubed and filmed by Omega Keys.

What are Hand-Lubed switches?

Hand-Lubed switches are switches that have been pre-lubed and filmed by Omega Keys. Each switch is lubed with the exact same care and quality as switches lubed from our custom Switch Lubing Service.

Hand-Lubed switches are a big step up from factory-lubed switches. Each switch offers a smoother and more consistent typing feel while providing a vastly improved sound profile. Films further improve the sound and reduce stem wobbling issues.

We wanted to provide an option for people to get lubed and filmed switches in the fastest and easiest way possible. With our Omega Prepped switches, you can skip the lube service process and get lubed and filmed switches right away.


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What are Hand-Lubed Switches?

Hand-Lubed switches by Omega Keys are pre-lubed and filmed in-house, far surpassing factory-lubed switches.

We've Hand-Lubed over 9000 switches as of 2022.

With Hand-Lubed switches you can expect:

  • Superior Acoustic Improvements
  • Enhanced Typing Feel
  • Consistent Lube Application
  • Reduced Stem Wobble