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Miller Stephenson

TriboSys 3203

TriboSys 3203

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Key Points

  • Low Viscosity lubricant for a smoother feel
  • Recommended for Tactile switches or beginner switch modders
  • Available in 3mL, 5mL, and 10mL

From the masterminds at Hunger Work Studio and Miller-Stephenson comes Tribosys 3203. 

Lighter than other switch lubricants, TriboSys 3203 is perfect for those who want to keep as much tactility on their switches as possible while still improving the smoothness of the switch. 

TriboSys 3203 is highly recommended for tactile switches or first time modders who want a more forgiving lubing experience.

3 mL

  • Standard container (double-wall container with flat rate)
  • Enough for approx. 250 - 300 switches

5 mL & 10 mL

  • Double-wall thick acrylic container
  • 5mL enough for approx. 450 - 500 switches
  • 10mL enough for 950 - 1000 switches

*Usage will depend on lubing technique. Each switch will only need a thin layer.



Shipping Information

Canada/USA: Letter Mail (CA Only), Flat-Rate, and Canada Post Express options are available

International: Canada Post International Shipping Available

Care Instructions

Usage Warning
Lubricant cannot be cleaned with soap and water and can be resistant to many solvents.

Although chemically stable and non-hazardous, wear gloves and place a protective layer on your working surface. Spills are difficult to clean, and the lubricant will transfer from an operators hands to any surface they may touch.

Please clean up any accidents with a microfibre cloth.

Omega Keys and any affiliated persons are not responsible for any damages which occur as a result of untrained or unsupervised use. This chemical is for industrial use only.

TriboSys 3204 is not a Krytox™ product. Krytox™ is a registered trademark of THE CHEMOURS COMPANY FC, LLC and branding of this product as Krytox™ for distribution is strictly forbidden.

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