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Key Points

  • ~0.22mm Thicc for a tighter fit
  • 110 films per package
  • Made out of PLA plastic
  • Easy to Install, no specific film orientation required

THICC Films Installation GUIDE

THICC Films are 3D-printed out of PLA plastic. They measure ~0.22mm and are about 0.03-0.07mm thicker than TX films (0.15mm). THICC Films don't have the bar on the lower side like other films, as that part of switch housings don't make contact due to the thickness of films.

Please be aware that THICC Films do not fit in all switches. Check the table below to confirm that they are compatible.

THICC Film Compatibility List

 Switch Housing Thicc Film Compatibility Notes
Gateron Basic (yellow, black, red, etc) Yes!
Gateron Inks Yes!
Zealios (Housing by Gateron) Yes!
Durock Switches (Alpacas, T1, H1s, Everglides) Yes! THICC films work especially well for Durock switches
C3 Equals Tangerines Yes!
Cherry Switches Yes!
Aliaz Switches Yes!
Outemu Switches Tight, but works!
NK Silk/Dry, Creams, Blueberries No


Invyr/Yok Pandas No
Basic/Box Kailh Switches No


3D Printed PLA Plastic


Thickness: 0.22 mm

Shipping Information

Canada/USA: Letter Mail (CA Only), Flat-Rate, and Canada Post Express options are available

International: Canada Post International Shipping Available

Care Instructions

Keep flat to maintain the durability

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