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Omega Keys

The Brush

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Key Points

  • Red Sable Hair for even lube application
  • Flat brush for efficient switch coverage
  • Triangle-detail handle improves brush control
  • Omega Keys Logo embossed on handle

Looking for the perfect lubing brush? So were we when we started our lube service. So we just decided to make our own. It made lubing a better time for us, so we wanted you guys to have it too. Introducing The Brush, the perfect brush for all your lubing needs.

We were tired of using cheap brushes that broke apart and didn't hold lube evenly causing inconsistent lube application.  With The Brush, you don't have to worry about that.

The red sable hair is perfect for holding even coats of your favourite lube while also being durable to last multiple lubing sessions.

The flat brush shape covers a wider area, perfect for lubing the rails and the stem. The custom-width is small enough for areas where precision is required and wide enough to evenly coat the stem rails.

We added a triangle-detail handle for improved brush control and accuracy. No need to worry about accidentally lubing the legs of your favourite tactile switches ;). You have control.

We really love this brush, and we hope you do too!