The Mid-July Update

Hi everybody. Thanks for waiting for our next Update!

Upcoming Products

  • Krytox XHT-BDZ
  • TriboSys 3203
  • Durock Switch Films
  • Sprit Springs

Krytox XHT-BDZ was added to the store earlier this week. We plan to bring in Durock Switch Films (0.15mm) and Sprit Springs at the end of the month.

To add some variety for film choices, we’ve brought in Durock Switch Films!
Durock Switch Films are made of a thinner (0.15mm) HTV/PolyCarbonate Material allowing them to be used on a larger variety of switches.

Long awaited switch springs are coming to the Omega Keys store. We’ll be carrying:

Sprit MX Supreme:

  • 55g
  • 62g
  • 65g
  • 68g
  • 72g

Sprit Slow Extreme 1:

  • 63.5g
  • 68g

Over time we plan to bring in more weight variants as they become requested. These springs will also be able to be used for our lube service, just add them to the same cart and select “Spring Swap” on the lube service form.

Other Store Changes

  • Krytox 105 Label
  • Resized Thicc Films
  • Leveled Roles in Discord

We’ve finally added a new label to our Krytox 105 lubricant! Following the theme of the other lubricants, our favourite spring lube is finally matching with the rest of the lineup. Photos up soon.

Since we started Omega Keys, helping others within the hobby has always been a part of our mission. As we’ve grown, we’ve found others within our server putting in an effort to help people as well. We wanted to give back to those individuals who are taking time out of their day to help others within our server so, we’ve implemented Leveled Roles. The goal is to add a way to recognize the people who frequently join in on conversation and assist others with their keyboard questions. We’re currently working on creating benefits to each rank to improve the discord experience, and then a bit of incentive at the higher ranks for your own personal keyboard needs.

We’ve made another addition to our Thicc Film family with our new Resized Films (available in silver)! Resized Thicc Films are designed to provide the same easy to install form factor with a similar sounding effect to switches with tighter housings that normal Thicc Films would not fit. The Silver colourway is made with a special filament that adds a similar sparkle as the Rose Pink colourway.

Product Updates and Plans for the Future

  • Lube stations are in production
  • Switch Opener
  • Stem Slider/Holder
  • Groupbuys/Deskmats

Lube Stations are in production and are expected at the end of the month.

Still working on getting a switch holder into the store. Sorry for the delay everyone.

Stem Sliders/pickers and other tools are still slowly making their way into the store.

We’re starting to slowly dip our toes into the Groupbuy space. Some interesting things coming up in the future.

And that sums up our Mid-July Update. Thank you to everyone who’s taken the time to read this. And of course, a big thank you to everyone who has supported us this far!
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