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Premium Switch Lubing Service

From helping friends to helping you, Omega Keys is here to lube.

Turnaround Time: 

60 switches: ~2-3 days

100 switches: ~3-4 days

Estimated times are subject to change. 

Current Additional Wait Time: +17 Days

Lubing: Lubing switches is the process of improving the sound and feel of a mechanical keyboard by applying a thin layer of lubricant on the internal components of the switch that generate friction. The sound and feel will depend on the lubricant being used.

Filming: Filming switches is when we install a piece of film in between the top and bottom housings. This reduces stem wobble and in many cases improves the sound of the switch.

Clipping: Clipping switches is when 2 of the plastic tabs are cut on the bottom of PCB-mount switches (5-pin) to make them compatible with keyboards (PCBs) that take plate-mount switches (3-pin). Clipping switches offer no additional benefit other than compatibility with 3-pin boards.

Spring Swapping: Spring swapping is, as it sounds, changing the spring inside of the switch. Changing your springs will change the feel and weighting of the switch depending on the spring chosen.

All supplies being shipped to us for service goes directly to our PO box in Coquitlam.  Please address your package as followed:

Omega Keys
PO Box 64783 Rpo Sunwood Square 
Coquitlam BC V3B 0H1

We ask that you please provide the tracking number to us so we can keep track of your supplies and ensure there is no mixup of switches.

Of course! All you need to do is add the desired number of switches to the same cart as your lube service order. In the "Switches to be Lubed" section, just leave a note that the switches in your cart are to be serviced. We'll have your order shipped right out as soon as we are done lubing your switches. (Feel free to add any other products to your order to save on shipping!)

Yes! This is no problem at all.  When ordering your switches from another vendor, set your shipping address to our PO Box outlined above. We require that you provide the tracking number to us so that we can keep track of your order and ensure there is no mixup of switches.

Bottom Housing: Rails, Center Post Linear
Stem: All sides
Tactile Stem: Tactile Legs untouched*, all other sides lubricated
Spring: Entire spring with Krytox 105
*If you'd like the legs of your tactile switches lubed, please put a note in the additional instructions area.

We can do that! Just leave a note in the comment section stating what you want us to lube/not lube and we'll handle the rest. We will contact you if any more information is ever needed.

When supplying your own lube, we ask that at least 1mL of lube is provided for every 100 switches shipped to avoid any shortages.
Don't worry about sending too much. All leftover lube will be shipped back to you.

Ex. 50 switches = 1mL, 100 switches = 1mL, 150 switches = 2mL, 200 switches = 2mL.

Yes, we can! Just add a pack of your preferred switch film option to the cart of your lube service order, and we'll take care of the rest. Any extra films will be shipped along with your newly lubed switches!
 Lube Service: Cost Per Switch
Base:  $0.65
With Our Lube +$0.05
Filming [Customer Supplied] +$0.07
Clipping +$0.05
Spring Swap [Customer Supplied] Free